Binder Design - Excel KitWell, this is the season of the jolly fat man and pretty wrapped gifts! And what better gift to receive than one that blasts 1000's of feet into the air on a column of smoke :)

Suburban Rocketry has just started stocking the Binder Design range of High Power rockets. Christmas eve my Excel arrived!

Standing just over 1.2m tall and 4" diameter, this is one big rocket.

The bag contains:

  • 3 plywood fins
  • Centering rings and bulkhead
  • Quick links and eye bolts
  • Tubular Nylon shock cord
  • Rail Buttons
  • 30" Parachute
  • 4" Airframe & Payload bay
  • Big-Ass plastic ogive nosecone
  • Vinyl decal
  • pages and pages of instructions

The quality of the parts is fantastic, however a pre-slotted airframe would have been a nice touch (I believe that this is a feature of Binder's Premium kits) and will fly on anythig from G - I motors.

I'm still deciding on if I should glass the airframe (I think the work is worth it). It will add to the weight a little, but the rocket will be much more durable for the work.

This seems like a great kit and well suited to doing your L1.

Build photos will be posted during 2009.