V-2 RocketI've wanted a V-2 kit for some time now and recently found a good range of different scales on the Aerospace Speciality Products website. I purchased the 13mm kit - the smallest they offer. Here's the blurb from their website:

The V - 2 ("Vengeance Weapon 2") is perhaps the most famous, and certainly the most infamous, rocket ever built. Designed by Werner von Braun for the Nazi war effort during WWII, the V - 2 was the world's first large liquid-fueled rocket. Originally designated the A - 4, thousands were built by prisoners during the early 1940s. After the war, many captured V - 2s were flown by the U.S. as well as the Soviet Union. Despite its' horrific inception as a weapon of destruction, the V - 2 was the forerunner of all the large liquid-fuel rockets which were to follow.

ASP V-2 Kit At just 7 3/4" tall, this model is true to scale and features a balsa boattail, balsa nose cone and laser-cut basswood fins. Flies on mini A motors.

Length: 7.75"/19.69 cm
Diameter: 0.976"/24.8 mm
Weight: 0.88 oz/25 gm
Parachute Recovery
Recommended Engines: 1/2A3 - 2T; 1/2A3 - 4T; A3 - 4T
Scale: approx. 1/67 (0.015)