Performance Hobbies - Little Dog DDI had been looking for a good solid 38mm workhorse to use with my 38mm EX motor, and the Little Dog by Performance Hobbies seemed to fit the bill. Fiberglass from top to bottom, this really is an outstanding kit.

I have heard horror stories about people dealing with Performance Hobbies (products taking a long time to ship - or not at all) and it was recommended that I order through one of the listed dealers, which I did. I placed my order with Liberty Launch Systems (Rockets Magazine) and had a response back with a quote for postage within a day. I paid my money and received a conformation almost straight away. The kit shipped direct from Performance Hobbies and, despite the fact that it left the USA on December 19th - right in the middle of what I would expect to be the Christmas rush of post, it only took 6 days to arrive here in Australia - landing on my desk on December 24th.

I am absolutely blown away by the speed of service provided by both Liberty Launch Systems and Performance Hobbies - despite the negatives I had heard, I would not hesitate in recommending you look at the range of kits available. The quality was the first thing that really impressed me - the body tubes are amazing - very strong, smooth and straight. The fin slots are pre-cut and dead straight.

The Little Dog is a bare-bones kit - it don't come with any build instructions, recovery etc. but standard HPR build techniques apply.

The Little Dog will fly on G - J motors and the Rocksim file is available online.

I am planning on building in a Missle Works mini RRC2 to deal with apogee drogue and main paracute deployment.

This kit is well suited to both L1 and L2 flights and I'm looking forward to working on this during the year.

The only decision left now is what colour to paint it?!