I've been busy for the last 6 weeks designing and building three new scratch-built rockets. All finished and flight-tested today!

First up is "Red, Black & Balls" and "The Lance of Adequacy"

Red, Black & Balls The Lance of Adequacy

"Red, Black & Balls" is about 20" long and built around a BT20 body tube. Three ping-pong balls are mounted at the bottom (and cutting the holes top and bottom was a pain!). Launched today on a Quest A6-4 motor. Ejection was quite late but recovered without damage. a C6-4 would be a better choice for this but with the wind today I didn't want to risk it drifting too far. "The Lance of Adequacy" went up on a C6-5, again ejection was quite late since after motor burn-out it virtually stopped and began it's return to Earth. With such a large conical fin at the rear slowed it down and recovered without damage.

My favourite for the day was my "Cruz'n Missile"

Cruz'n Missile (Side View)

Cruz'n Missile (Side View) Cruz'n Missile (Bottom View)

The "Cruz'n Missile" flys on a 13mm motor and features a custom turned nosecone. I had a vague idea of building a cruise missile when I started this. Very happy with the results :) Doesn't break the sound barrier or reach orbit - but still gets up a respectable few hundred feet.

Launch photos of "The Lance of Adequacy" and "Cruz'n Missile" after the jump.

The Lance of Adequacy The Lance of Adequacy - Launch
The Lance of Adequacy

Cruz'n Missile Cruz'n Missile - Launch
Cruz'n Missile