I've been off work for a few days now with a twisted ankle and since I can't do much more than sit on my bum, I got busy finishing my current scratch-build project :) I give you - The QANTAS Rocket!

Qantas Rocket

Qantas Rocket Qantas Rocket Qantas Rocket

Qantas Rocket

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July Scratch Build Rocket ProjectBuilt using 2 x BT80 nose cones with one cut down for a boat tail.
9" of BT80 body tube.
A 29mm motor mount with a salvaged engine hook from the Big Daddy
And 3mm plywood fins.

The Red & white paints are my first go with the new airbrush paints that I ordered from the Airbrush Megastore that I was put onto recently. I think the paints went on really well and found that the clear acrylic from Bunnings does fine as a clear over-coat.

The flying Kangaroo was airbrushed on using a stencil and I designed the decals in Photoshop.

According to Rocksim, this should do about 3,000' on a G67 and close to 4,000' on a H128. Looking forward to putting this up! Hopefully weather will be kind come September for the next Tripoli launch :)