Another year and another one of Ross's fun Rocketfest days :) Warm weather and a clear blue sky set the scene for Rocketfest XX. Oh, and trees - never forget the trees.

Rocketfests are special events. It's an opportunity to fly those quirky rockets in a safe and controlled environment that you wouldn't normally be able to fly, and Rocketfest XX was no exception. The theme of this launch was paper tubes... Specifically recycled tubes like those found at the end of a roll of toilet paper, paper towels, aluminium foil or cling wrap.

Ross prepping his finless rocket.. Lots of little tubes to make a big tube!

Rocketfest XX - 21 Sep, 2014   Rocketfest XX - 21 Sep, 2014

Sascha's Toilet Paper Roll X-Wing

Rocketfest XX - 21 Sep, 2014

So, how did they fly? Photos after the jump!

While Winter may be upon us, today's launch was mild. A few clouds in the sky but a field full of Broccoli !!  The land owner had asked us today to take extra care with retreval of rockets, in order to minimise any damage to his crop.

Noel, Jase & Nat racking up.

TRAAU Launch - 9th Aug, 2014

Noel, Ricky T & Nat's rockets getting away.

TRAAU Launch - 9th Aug, 2014   TRAAU Launch - 9th Aug, 2014   TRAAU Launch - 9th Aug, 2014

The April launch presented us with perfect weather. Clear blue sky and mild weather.  

Rockets racked up and ready to go. Green MiniMagg in the middle, and to the right, Troy's Postpak Hybrid rocket

TRAAU Launch 27th Apr 2014

The MiniMagg getting away

TRAAU Launch 27th Apr 2014   TRAAU Launch 27th Apr 2014

Followed by Troy's hybrid

TRAAU Launch 27th Apr 2014   TRAAU Launch 27th Apr 2014

Full set of photos from the day's launch can be found on FLICKR

Rocketfest XIX - 10th Nov, 2013

The last Rocketfest for 2013 was on the weekend of November 10th - as seems to be typical for these days we were met with poor weather, but a good turn-out and lots of crazy rockets!

The theme of the launch was Candy rockets - not powered by Mars Bars, but built from the packaging that keeps sugary sweets fresh in the shops.

Ross had a fantastically tall rocket made from Mentos tubes and Toblerone boxes and also flew his signature flying-fox rocket.

Other rockets included Karl's big purple thing (which ended up in a tree) and my M&M's rocket and Ice Cream Cone rocket (not a real cone - a plastic one that had lollies in it!)

Check out the full album on Flickr including both Photos and videos!

With perfect weather, Jase and his family joined us at the Dandenong Wetlands for a small launch. Jase had been working with his daughter Zoe on a school project and had built a fantastic looking rocket. This was the first opportunity to launch it on an Estes D12-3 motor.

(Zoe's Rocket on a D12-3)

I also launched "Twisted" - the Finless Rocket!!

So, how did it fly? Check out the video after the jump. You can also check out the full set of photos of the day here on Flickr.

Saturday June 8 was the first of a two day launch for Rocketry Victoria and the weather couldn't have been better!

I launched two rockets - My 10" Art Applewhite saucer on 3 D motors and my upscale Blue Bird Zero on a H128 - both great flights :)

More photos and videos after the jump or check out the full set of photos here on Flickr

Despite the weather, Rocketfest XVIII went ahead on May 26th at Eric's property in Officer. Upon arrival, the rain was bucketing down but stopped shortly after and held off for the remainder of the day.

Only a few flyers and a handful of spectators, a fairly typical turn-out but lots of fun regardless.  The theme of the day was "Go Small" and there were quite a few entries :)

Lots of fun was had with these little rockets. My spool rocket was the smallest by 2mm. Karl's rocket (2nd from the right) was the highest and Darren's pointy one with the long fins in the middle was probably the most entertaining.

More photos and videos after the jump...

With the announcement of Rocketfest XVIII, a theme was chosen - "Go Small". The guidelines for the competition was to build the smallest stable flying rocket that used an un-modified Estes motor.

Since the 13mm A3-4 and A10-3 motors are the smallest Estes motors currently in production, this is what I went with. My idea was to create a spool rocket.

I decided to create two - one using a single motor and the other, a cluster of thee motors.

How did they fly? Check out the videos after the jump!

May 5th marked the first launch for the year. It was a nice warm day with little wind - you couldn't have asked for better conditions.

The big launch of the day was Karl's 1/4 scale V2. Karl's working towards building a full 1:1 scale model. The flight was fantastic. Recovery was hampered only by the parachute catching on the guy-wires used to help keep the fins straight.


More photos after the jump

November 11th, 2012 saw the final launch of the Rocketry Victoria calendar for the year. Some great flights on what turned out to be a very warm day!

I only launched a couple of small rockets - My scratch built 'Stumy' on a A3-4 and an Estes Patriot on a D-something RMS motor. There were, however, some spectacular flights including Nic's sparky 'M' rocket which was never recovered. Photos of the launch on flickr.