After a short afternoon launch at a Brunswick park to celebrate the new year, one of my rockets ended up on the roof of the stadium :( So, how do you recover a rocket that's stuck on the edge of a stadium roof?

Our target.. The orange parachute you can see at the edge of the roof

Parachute on Roof

Tools on hand... Cardboard Tubes, PCV Pipe, a couple of bits of dowel, some wood and a roll of gaffa tape...

Since nothing I had was more than about 1.5 meters long, I had to stagger everything and tape it all together

Rocket Recovery Attempt  Rocket Recovery Attempt   Rocket Recovery Attempt

Swaying and threatening to break... I went after the rocket...

Rocket Recovery Attempt

But at the last minute... The wind picked up and it disappeared....

Rocket Recovery Attempt

I never did recover my rocket :(