During Christmas time here in Australia, giant Kinder Surprise eggs hit the shelves. Much like their smaller counterparts, you get a chocolate egg with this plastic bubble inside with a toy. The chocolate isn't too bad and the toy is usually (always?) rubbish, but the egg itself just screamed rocket!

These eggs with toys seem not to exist in the USA - some law about you can't have toys inside food. Bah! You guys are missing out!

I started by cutting two centring rings and added an 18mm motor mount.

I shaved off the locking ring on the lower half of the egg, so the top comes off the bottom easily.

Because of the type of plastic, not much in the way of glue will stick to it. I have used 5min epoxy throughout and through-the-wall fins - hopefully there's enough to hold it all together.

The nosecone has a wooden bulkhead on both sides of the plastic shell with a screw-eye going through both. I've added some lead shot for ballast in the nose.

Two launch lugs are mounted on the edge of one fin.